part 4

سُؤال مُوجه الى Riwa
When the morning finally came, we were so tired already, especially Jenna. Her skin was so pale, her lips were chapped, and she could barely open her eyes. I told her to get some sleep while I cleaned the house a little, and then I just sat in the balcony, watching cars and people on the streets. It’s fascinating, how each one of them has a life, and it rarely intertwine with ours, but what do I know, maybe it will intertwine, if you told me yesterday morning that I’d spend a day and a night with Jenna and actually enjoy my time I wouldn’t possibly believe you, but here I am. My whole perspective changed in a day, seeing Jenna trying to fulfill every single one of her dreams when she heard she might have cancer really made me resentence all my questions, I still don’t know who I am or what I want, but I think it’s all getting clearer. I don’t want to be motivated only by death; I don’t want it to be the only thing pushing me to do things that I love, I want to be happy for being alive, not for possibly dying the next second. Not that death isn’t a good motivator, but it shouldn’t be the only thing. That being said, I need to start doing things for myself more often. I’m not going to quit my job though, I need money to support myself, besides, I like my job, I get to do something I love for a living: I design covers in a company. I would love to start my own company one day because working for a company isn’t always satisfying, but at least I get a chance to present my own ideas, and sometimes people like and approve them.
-“so listen there’s something I need you to help me with.” Said Jenna while walking towards me.
-“um good morning Jenna.”
-“oh yeah right good morning, did you sleep though?”
-“no but I’m fine, thank you.”
-“you should sleep later, okay?”
-“yes I will. What is it that I can help you with?”
-“I can’t really decide which song I want to be played at my funeral, I’m thinking “if I die young” by the band Perry or “the funeral” by band of horses, what do you think?”
This question really pissed me off, it seemed like Jenna didn’t care about what was coming for her, or the people that would be so saddened to have lost her, or the possibility that she might actually survive, so I said: “wow, I really thought you were better than this, are you willing to give up just like this? You don’t even know for sure that you have cancer..”
-“dude relax, if cancer doesn’t kill me something else will eventually, I’m just getting ready that’s all, don’t be so serious about it.”
-“well then new funeral songs will come out by the time you die, goodbye Jenna.”
I knew I overreacted; but I was really mad, I took my bag and left her house and she didn’t even try to stop me … I was then questioning everything I thought of before, is Jenna really a friend I would love to have? Was it ridiculous of me to think she’s perfect just after spending a day with her? This was all a mistake.. maybe I should’ve ignored her phone call. I drove my way back home and slept for the rest of the day, because if I stayed awake any longer I would have another existential crisis.
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RiwaNo don't prepare yourself for anything xD
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RiwaNo I'll write more, but i won't let it disappoint you
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Hhhh I expected that their relationship would be strengthened.. what is happening?!..Last time I said jenna looked like you but this time She resembles me very much in indifference & i think that you insist on making the end sad.. I'll prepare myself to cry from now .. Waiting for the fifth part Dear .. I like this. Thank you..❤
? don't tell me you're gonna stop there 😭
الكونتساI'm happy to hear that ,I really need a dose of optimism ... good luck dear
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