part 3 و لا عنوان لحد الآن

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سُؤال مُوجه الى Riwa
هذا أقصر من سابقيه لأنني أحاول تقرير ما إن كنت سأواصل الكتابة أم لا..
Jenna’s words took me through a rollercoaster of feelings, I was so sad and scared that she might actually have cancer, but I was also happy that I got to give her some beautiful moments to cherish, that I gave her hope, and she gave me hope too, I’ve finally found someone that understands how I feel, that appreciates me for being me, but I wasn’t ready to lose her yet… and all those feelings I couldn’t talk about, I just condensed them into tears… Jenna started crying through her smiles too, I gave her a hug and kept wishing she’d be here forever..
We stayed up all night chatting and laughing, we went back inside when it started getting really cold and watched Jenna’s favorite movie: “Alice through the looking glass”. It was a very weird choice considering it’s a movie for kids, but when I asked her what she loved about it, she said passionately: “I love everything about it, from the moment Mad Hatter starts fading away and going darker when his friends refuse to believe him, to the moment he lost hope when even Alice told him he can’t be right. I love how Alice tries desperately to change the past when Time himself told her she can’t change it but only learn from it, she kept trying because she would do anything for her friend. I love how we see that someone’s life could change in a brief moment and that his entire future can be written based on a mistake he didn’t even do, how a lie you tell can affect someone’s life and alter it. I love how the only thing the Queen of hearts ever wanted to hear from her sister was an apology, and I love how hatter and Alice would still meet in the garden of memories and in the palace of dreams. That movie, despite being for kids, has a lot of morals for grownups to remember, because time can make us forget what we once believed in.”
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a human describe a movie and what it meant to them the way Jenna did, I felt every word she said, because she gave meaning to everything from the heart, and that was truly beautiful, I didn’t even have an answer or a follow up to what she said, and she knew that so we just smiled happily at each other.
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RiwaJenna and Drew are two sides of me I guess xD
I don't know what to do with them yet but I'll finish it for you <3
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SkylerThank you so much this really means a lot to me !
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Alice in wonderland and Alice through the looking glass are your favorite movies and mad hatter always inspires you , I know that in her beautiful spirit Jenna represents you ..I liked your analysis of the film in that warm conversation .. But what about the fate of Jenna? Where will the disease take her? And what about the fate of that wonderful relationship that arose between Drew & Jenna? I love this story so much and I don't know why you don't see the beauty of it..
Plz complete it when you want to.
الكونتسا❤..Thanks dear
U both have good vocabulary without any mistske. In addition, the story not that hard to understand
Keep goin and God bless