هذه هي بداية القصة..

سُؤال مُوجه الى Riwa
ليس لدي عنوان حتى ههه

It was a beautiful sunny day, as I started the car and put on some music, I don’t know why but I really wanted to listen to “violet hill” by coldplay today, and I didn’t actually have a destination, I just wanted to go somewhere… normally I would call a friend and ask them if they want to go with me, but not today… I had no idea where I was going, I was thinking of nothing at the time, I just counted on my brain to keep me out of any dangerous accident or something, but now I’m stuck in traffic, and it doesn’t seem like a beautiful sunny day anymore, it’s a very hot day, and everyone is just pissed for some reason, I don’t care about the traffic, I’m just thinking of how cool it would be if everyone jumped out of their cars and started singing and dancing around, but this isn’t la la land… at this point, I just want to burst in tears. I don’t know where I am, I don’t know who I am…and I don’t know who I want to be. I thought it would help to step away from people I know for a while, but the while is turning to months now, and I still haven’t figured out anything. And being in this situation, stuck in traffic, moving slow, not knowing where I’m going, this is exactly how my life is… and I know this is how most of my friends feel, but I can’t seem to ignore it like they do.
My phone’s ringtone pulled me from that scary void I was diving into, although I don’t like it when people call instead of texting, I was happy this time. It was my friend Jenna:
-“hey Drew, how’s it going?”
-“hello Jenna, I’m doing great thanks for asking, how have you been?”
-“well I was a little sick this week but now I’m fine and I’m mad that you didn’t check on me.”
-“I’m so sorry Jenna I didn’t know you were sick, you know I ..”
-“well if you had talked to me you would’ve known!” Jenna interrupted,
-“that’s true I’m sorry, totally my mistake.”
-“dude chill, I’m just kidding, I know there’s something going on with you and that’s why you kind of disappeared, that’s the reason I called..”
I didn’t know whether to confirm what she said or to just ignore it, so I said: “that’s so sweet of you!” and that was pretty vague, wasn’t it?
-“so what are you doing now? Can you come over to my place?”
To be honest, I kinda wanted to go, Jenna is a very energetic and talkative person, and someone like her would probably make me think less of what’s going on in my head.
-“um it’ll take some time but I’ll get there, do you want me to bring anything on my way?”
-“nope, just come.”
Thinking about it, this was a very weird phone call from Jenna, she was very calm, which is unusual, but I assume she’s still a bit sick.
I got to Jenna’s house like 2 hours later, she looked pale and tired, and I would ask her about that if I wasn’t distracted by all the feathers and yarn lying around..
-“welcome to my mini factory!”
-“um… thanks? What is this though?”
-“I’m going to be making dream catchers and you’re going to help me.”
-“are you serious? What is this for?”
-“ I always liked dream catchers, they look cool and their purpose is cool, I mean even their name is cool!” said Jenna in pure happiness.
-“yeah but this doesn’t justify having all this material and making them, I have a job you know, and you have a job too btw.”
-“not anymore, I quit my job, from now on this is what I’ll be doing.”
-“making dream catchers?”
-“no, everything that comes to my mind, everything I’ve always wanted to do but never had the guts to.”
-“okay maybe you’re still sick or it can be the medication you’re on now, but I’m here to stop this, you need to go back to your job and ..”
-“and what? Keep doing it forever? Just because it pays my bills? As far as I know life isn’t only about that you know, and what if I don’t have forever? Money is supposed to help me get things that make me happy, and that’s what I’m doing with my money.”
-“making dream catchers? For real?”
-“yes. And if you’re not willing to support me through this then I’ll continue doing it on my own, I don’t care.” Said Jenna with a steady voice, even though I could see a tear in her eye. It didn’t make sense to me, but I knew it was so important for her.
-“well then it seems that I don’t have a choice, I’m in.”
And I could see Jenna’s happiness in her sparkly brown eyes, the thing is we’ve never been so close to each other, and I’ve always known she was a bit weird, but I never thought it would come to this, however, I couldn’t let her down, because I knew exactly how that feels.
على كل حال رأي الجميع يهمني .
ملحق #1
RiwaI'm so happy to hear that from you <3 cuz you inspire me as well and you give me the strength
I will surely try to write more for your sake
ملحق #2
RiwaThis seems so far away from me but I hope it happens for real
Thank you so much <3
ملحق #3
إلا صلاتيOh my god I can't believe what I'm seeing . i haven't written anything in a very long time i guess it's the writer's block
But seeing all the support makes me wanna write more
Thank you so much 💜
ملحق #4
إلا صلاتيMe too ! It's a dream really. .

I have a couple ones in Arabic too if you ever have some free time check them if you want to ^^
ملحق #5
RiwaOkay then I'd like to 😂
ملحق #6
إلا صلاتيhttps://ejaaba.com/لم-يعد-و-لا-في-كفن

This is one them

Please tell me if you enjoyed it
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waselWe can live reality while having a sip of imagination every noa and then

Thanks a lot for being here 💜
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WOW !! Your writing is very beautiful, easy and interesting .. I'm looking forward to read more as usaul- And i'd like to know more about dream catcher .. jenna resembles you in her spirit and her love of imagination..plz do not stop and complete this story for me & when
finished we will put the appropriate address .. I'm so proud of you💞 you inspire me so much!
الكونتساYou are my favorite writer from now on and forever. I am sure that in the near future I will buy your books..good luck dear.
To be honest, I didn't read it all, but to be accurate, it amused me more than the fault in our stars.
That was great, every single word, every single expression is a masterpiece.
Go girl.
I hope you to be a great Arab novelist so soon.
You're welcome ❤
الكونتساDon't underestimate yourself..you're better than you think..And you will be a great writer, whether you like it or not..😛
The link, please !
.. Staying away from reality sometimes relieves us from the stresses of life
. But it is not the reality