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For the next hours Jenna passionately taught me how to make a perfect dream catcher, and at first I found it pretty hard, but then I became good at it and it was a huge stress reliever, I loved it. And I got to know more about Jenna, I always hang out with her in the presence of a group of friends and it lead me to think she was a very shallow person that doesn’t care about anything, but it was actually my knowledge of her that was shallow. She used to work at a vinyl records store, so she knows a lot about music and musicians, and she also loved movies and series, I don’t think there was a movie I told her about that she didn’t watch, and I thought that this was cool. When it started to get dark outside, I told her I had to leave, but she wouldn’t let me.
-“you can’t go now, there’s something I need to show you first.”
-“I appreciate that but can I see it another time? If I don’t go now I won’t make it early tomorrow at work..”
-“no this can’t be delayed, you’re taking the day off tomorrow, besides there’s something important I need to tell you.. you’re going to crash on my couch tonight my friend.”
Today with Jenna was very weird from the beginning, but I got to admit that it was fun, and that for a long time, this was the first day that I felt really happy, so I decided to stay, she didn’t even have to convince me.
-“all right I’ll stay, but that’s it, tomorrow I’ll go home, and I won’t have to be part of this anymore.”
-“you got it, tomorrow you’ll be free.” Said Jenna with a bittersweet smile, “and now let’s order some food, what do you want? Okay I’m ordering pizza.”
-“why do I not have a saying in anything?”
-“because you’re not fast enough.”
I smiled, because I knew she was right, I’m always shy to say what I want or to express myself, and people usually take advantage of that, but I didn’t mind it this time. Something about Jenna makes you feel like you’ve known her forever, like you’ve been to places with her, I don’t know why she suddenly decided I’m her good friend now, but I wouldn’t mind that, because she’s the kind of friend I want around me, the one that makes me feel that life has more to it.
We finished the pizza, and I was still waiting for her to show me and tell me what she had promised, and I guess she noticed that when I stopped talking for a while.
-“okay Drew, it’s about time, are you ready?”
-“I guess I am.”
-“follow me to the roof.”
So I did, and boy did my jaw reach the ground. She turned the lights on and it immediately felt like Christmas. I didn’t have anything to say, lights were everywhere, and a table with two chairs was in the middle, I didn’t know what all this was about, but it was definitely something I wanted to experience before I die.
Jenna saw how surprised I was, so she started explaining:
-“so, I know today was so weird for you, it was weird for me too, and I know that what I’m showing you doesn’t make sense, but if you could please just sit for a while and listen to me..”
I was still overwhelmed by what I saw, it was magical, and I didn’t understand why she would do that to a roof that isn’t even hers, but she was there to explain everything that happened today, so I sat on a chair as she stood on the other, and she started talking:
-“remember when I said I was sick? It actually started like a month ago, I was feeling so tired all the time, and I found it hard to breath sometimes, and I was becoming paler every day. At first I thought I was just tired, but then one day at work I felt so dizzy, and the next thing I know is waking up in a hospital room. The doctors ran some tests and when the results came out it turned out that I have cancer, blood cancer..”
Now when I heard those words, I flew into another world… I didn’t know what to say or what to do, I just kept looking at her, staring blankly, and she kept talking…
-“when I heard that my whole body was shaking, I was so scared and angry and sad and I didn’t know how to express al that, you see the way you’re feeling right now? Multiply that by like a 1000… the doctor said he’d run more tests and that it could take a while, so he sent me home. I spent the first day sleeping and lying on my bed, crying sometimes and screaming into my pillow sometimes… I didn’t want to tell anyone but I couldn’t keep it just between me and myself, so I called my boyfriend Klaus, I think you’ve seen him before, well he’s my ex now, because once I told him he just disappeared..”
-“Jenna I really don’t know what to say..”
-“oh don’t say anything, it’s quiet impressive though, the way he disappeared, I need to try that sometime..”
-“I don’t mean him only, I mean your cancer, everything, I can’t think of a way to..”
-“no don’t think of anything, and don’t worry about me, besides I’m not done talking yet… so this roof was decorated for him, I put a lot of work and money into it, but he just didn’t show up like he promised, and I was devastated if I’m being honest, but I was glad I knew who he really was. But I wouldn’t let that bring me down, I mean even more down than I was, so I decided to go visit my parents, and I did. I didn’t tell them anything though, I just said that I had missed them and that I wanted to see them, because I don’t want them to worry about me. I spent a week with them, and when I came back and got up here, I thought that it would be a waste if all that work I put into decorating this roof wasn’t witnessed by someone else, so I thought I’d call some of my friends, the closest ones, and you’d think that they would be here of course, but some of them apologized for being busy, and some of them didn’t even answer the phone. So I was feeling so lonely, I decided I’d stay away from everyone and that I won’t talk to them again, and that’s how I remembered you, Drew… you always did that thing, you’d disappear for days and when I’d ask our friends where you are they would just say that you’re just like this. But now I understand how it feels, we had so many friends but none of them was real, they’re just there when you’re celebrating, but in fact they don’t really know us, and we don’t really know them, and they’re not ready to be there for us whenever we needed them. When I thought of that I figured I have to find something to keep me busy until the test results come out, and I was watching some videos and stumbled through one that teaches how to make dream catchers, and you guess the rest. To be honest I wasn’t going to call you today, I was afraid you’d disappoint me, but I thought I was ready for a last disappointment. I was so happy when you said you’d come, and everything after that was just a joke, but you went on board and you gave me one of the best days of my life, and I can’t be any more grateful for that, so thank you, I really appreciate you being here today.”
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RiwaWait drew is supposed to be a girl 😂 but if you want her to be a guy then that's fine xD
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RiwaYou killed me 😂 i actually named her drew after a youtuber i like and he's a guy so idk now xD
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A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out..😢
الكونتسا😂😂😂😂😂 Why didn't you tell me from the beginning ?.. 😂😂😂 I streched my imagination away .. complete it as you started .. I will love it in all cases
الكونتساAs you like ..it won't make a difference 😂
I hope that drew will fall in love with jenna, and that the results of the tests will give her a new hope in recovering from leukemia .. I now understand why she was making dream catchers ..jenna made me sad,she is really poor girl ..
i'm so excited to read the rest of this touching story..
well done my friend 💕 !